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This is an author website for Anna Lee Walters, a Native American writer with a fifty-year background in writing about Native American communities. She writes most of the content for the website, unless specified otherwise.

Soje began publishing Native American writers and artists who live primarily in indigenous communities in 2015. It focuses on indigenous groups and their direct insight or generational experience as time-honored ways of knowing and being. These works are for continuance, lifelong learning, and the classroom.                            

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All the writers, photographers and artists featured on this website own their creative works. Outside of Fair Use, do not reproduce their work without their prior written permission.  

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Tree Shadows on Wall

March 31, 2028 Updates.

  • A new video will be posted next week.  It is called "Know This." It is part of the Manto Thewe Videos. You can access it on this page or through the Soje Channel on You Tube.  If you view it here, it builds our visibility and increases our visitor numbers. 

  • Two-minute videos on authors are found on Artists Profiles tab. More will be added.

  • The Poetry Series will continue to be built. "Maya Suje"is part of Poetry Series and of Manto Thewe Videos. "Iwasde" is found in the Archive.

  • There are two continuing series: Crossing Borders and Veterans' Stories. The most recent are on the Archive page.

  • A general overview of how to use this website for life enrichment or in the classroom is found under Native American Literature, under the More tab.

  • New works from previously unpublished writers are forthcoming. Older work from Native American writers is also given space here.

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"Mother Earth and Father Sky: Teachings" is told by Navajo historian and philosopher, Harry Walters. It can be viewed here (click the link) or on the Soje Channel of You Tube.  This video has been viewed more than 2000 times on this website and You Tube.  A forthcoming five minute video on the story of the Salt Clan of the Navajo also told by Harry Walters will be available here soon.

 "Chagre Wakan, Sacred Shield" is a modern day story about spiritual experience, told by Anna Lee Walters (Pawnee and Otoe Missouria), and it can be viewed on the Soje channel or click the link here. 


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This video is a part of the Veterans' Stories series.  It tells of an Otoe-Missouria  soldier during WWII and how he received his name.  He was a student at Chilocco Indian School when he entered the war.

Manto Thewe Video—Poetry - "Maya Suje"
This is an experimental video.
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Photo by Meisha Walters © 2022

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To submit work for publishing consideration, please use the Contact form at the bottom of page.  Do not send work on first contact. Please inquire first. The process is: Inquiry, Review, Editing, and Publishing.

To request quotes for other purposes, use the contact form at the bottom of page. Inquire first.

Poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction are sought for this website.  We offer a publishing contract and payment for original and creative work, but the work must go through the process described above. The perspective here is direct Native People insight and work is shared online at no cost to website viewers.

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Quote from "Wolfkiller"


It is ourselves that we must control.

(As told and recorded by Louisa Wetherill, page 40, published by Gibbs Smith, 2007.)

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